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18t Axle Without Brake

18t Axle Without Brake

Model: FAW18F10
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Axle Data
A(mm) Track:600
B(mm) P.C.D:Φ335
C(mm) B.C.D:Φ280
D(mm) Stud:10*M22*1.5
E(mm) Axle beam:150*150*14
Note:The dimensions could be changed as customers' requirement.

1.The axle tube was made by pressing the high strength alloy steel panel with the technique of submerged arc weld and the argon gas carbon-arc weld,which is highly strength ,lower pressure ,high loading and hardly deformed .


2.The spindle was made by alloy steel material and treat with fire treatment after solid forging. It has particular configuration of depressed forging and the high bend intension.


3.It was produced by Germany advanced technology, the axle design has patent and the axle can be welded with the axle together without any broken.


4.The bearing is the import or internal famous brand high loading product, it is wearable end has long life time. It is designed to be special tape and can reduce the stress focusing and increase the intension of fatigue..


5.The high performance of asbestos-free fiction has passed American test ,and it comply with environment code. It has the ability of wearable and high brake(ABS sensor can be optional).


6.Camshaft was forged integer, the numerical control machine can process the S curve with  high precision, the surface was quenched intermediate frequency and is wear well.


7.The slack adjuster was forged integral with Germany Technology, small clearance and with high credibility to use (auto adjuster can be the optional).


8.Ductile cast iron wheel hub and the gray cast iron are all produced according the international standard. they has the ability of high loading ,wearable ,heat-resistant, and hardly deformed.


9.The axle assembly produced following the international standard, the types can be used commonly with BPM type and with high ability in changing, so they are easy to be maintained.


10.Tyre bolt and nut are forged according to the ISO and JIS standard with the alloy material, so they are safe and durable.

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