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Hydraulic Hoist UnitKRM 160A

Hydraulic Hoist UnitKRM 160A



Hydraulic hoist is a kind of equipment for lifting and closing different gates, ship locks and bridges

Specifications: QPPY1, QPPY11, QPKY, QHLY, QHSY, QRWY
A set of hydraulic hoist includes a hydraulic cylinder, an electric control system including PLC, an hydraulic control system and pipelines. They are used to lift and close the conventional plane gates, high-speed conventional plane gates, various crest radial gates, deep-hole radial gates of different hole dimensions, various miter gates and "-" type gates for inland navigation buildings, ship locks, reservoirs, ponds, channels power stations and bridges.
The hoist cylinders are normally made of No. 45 steel and piston rods made of carbon steel, stainless steel painted with chrome, nickel-chrome or ceramics.
Simple wood frameworks and wooden cases

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