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Water Pump Impeller

Water Pump Impeller


With consummate producing technique, processing management and perfect inspection equipment, we design, produce and sell the trailers and other vehicle axle parts complying with the ISO, DIN and JIS standards. The Fuerma series of vehicle axles and trailers can express its excellent performance and have strong working adaptability wherever in America, Europe, Asia, Middle East or Africa.

Our staple as following:
Powder Metallurgy: Bushing, Valve guide, Gear, water pump pulley, oil pump rotor, mechanical parts, power tool parts, Structure Unit ect...The materials are copper base, iron base and copper & iron base.
Water pump: Water pump, water pump pulley, water pump flange.
Clutch: Clutch disc, clutch cover, vacuum booster.
We also provide auto piston, piston ring, clutch and clutch parts, which suit for kinds of cars. Iron and steel fasteners and forging parts and so on.
We have also enjoyed the support and aids from friends of the same trade at home and abroad, industrial and commercial circles and financial circles.

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